Gemma S., Homeowner since 2016

We built our home with Merion over the course of 2016 and 2017. At every step they were responsive, professional, patient, knowledgeable and just generally a pleasure to deal with. The sales rep and PM were absolutely outstanding, even going as far as arranging a special “ceremony” after the concrete was poured for our five year old to sprinkle fairy dust and hearts (glitter and sequins!) so that the house was “built on love and magic”!
Building a house is a stressful business but doing it with Merion really meant there were very little stresses from the actual build process. They kept us informed and involved throughout, resolved any issues quickly and satisfactorily and went above and beyond to ensure we were happy with our new home. My husband travels abroad frequently with his work and very early on the PM took down my husbands travel schedule and arranged the build schedule so that he could be sure we would both be in the country for all key points and inspection dates which we really appreciated.
Overall we can’t recommend them highly enough. They are a locally owned business totally focused on delivering quality projects and if we were ever to build again the first thing I would do would be to call them! If you are considering building or buying in Pimmit Hills don’t do anything until you speak to Merion.

About Us

Merion Homes is a homebuilder focused on delivering high quality homes to its customers. Merion Homes has a tradition of balancing its quality product while meeting the market. The company has excelled at delivering affordable elegance because of its narrow focus on the end user. Merion Homes hopes to make its mark by creating homes that people enjoy and that endure future generations.

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