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CAS Riegler Companies is a vertically integrated real estate development, construction and investment company based in Washington, D.C. The strategic focus revolves around creating value and reducing risk for investors and clients through extensive market knowledge, thoughtful design and a long-term approach to sustainable assets. Since CASR’s inception in late 2009, they have executed 13 projects totaling over $140 million in value creation in its’ first 4 years and has a pipeline of over $70MM of urban residential projects, all in urban-infill locations. Its’ principals have a collective 35 years of experience and have executed over $500 million of development and construction in Washington, D.C.

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Merion Homes is a homebuilder focused on delivering high quality homes to its customers. Merion Homes has a tradition of balancing its quality product while meeting the market. The company has excelled at delivering affordable elegance because of its narrow focus on the end user. Merion Homes hopes to make its mark by creating homes that people enjoy and that endure future generations.

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